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The „Richard-Müller-Schule” Fulda is a college offering full-time and part-time courses in business and administration. About 2.700 students study general and business subjects and make „Richard-Müller-Schule” an important regional centre to obtain initial and additional grades. It is linked in a network of other colleges of higher and further education and training.

After the unification of Germany and the fall of the border to Eastern Europe the Fulda region is in the geographical centre of the old and new Europe. The position about 60 miles north of Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main region makes Fulda a regional centre for industry, administration and education with strong links to Thuringia in the east as well.

Fulda can boast of a long cultural history dating back to the early medieval times, when St. Boniface came over from Britain to spread Christianity on the continent. In 744 St. Boniface gave the order to found a monastry that became his most favourite place. According to his last wish he was buried there. From this time on Fulda became the clerical centre of Germany.

In the 16th and 17th century the prince bishops of Fulda erected the cathedral and the city palace in the middle of the baroque quarter which is still today a major tourist attraction.

Our college offers a wide range of qualifications and exams. From the university entrance exam (Abitur) to state approved trilingual secretaries, grades in business studies and vocational qualifications in the dual system.

International partners of the „Richard-Müller-Schule”: 

Lycé Jean Macé, Rennes, France Zespó Szkó Handlowych, Poznan, Poland

Kaufmännische Schulen der Stadt Fulda
Pappelweg 8

36037 Fulda

Tel.: 0661-9687-0

Fax.: 0661-9687-81


e-mail: poststelle@richard-mueller-schule.fulda.schulverwaltung.hessen.de  

Principal: Claudia Hümmler-Hille

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